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Fundraising for medication

Actualizado: 12 jun 2020

Yes, everybody is affected by the pandemic of COVID-19. Countries with a less strong economy and a system of solidarity are affected more. Peru reacted very early and tried long to keep the increase of virus slow. Unfortunately, Peru is the second most affected country in South America with COVID-19. For that reason, the team of Semillas Life feels the need to help the most vulnerable people in the Amazonian communities of Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru.

44 people have been infected with COVID-19 so far in Puerto Inca. Unfortunately, due to the high demand in the consumption of medicines, their prices have increased more than 500% (5 times higher than the normal price). For many people in these communities it is impossible to pay for a medicine due to its low economic resources.

All the money raised on this platform will be sent to a local pharmacy (Botica Don Jose) that has the fairest prices. Therefore, they can distribute free medicine to people infected with COVID-19 in Puerto Inca. It does not matter how much you can donate but, you do it from the heart.

We will keep you updated about the situation in our social media platforms and here on this block.

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