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Mission and Vision


It is very important for us to find mechanisms to promote the development and progress of the less privileged communities in the Peruvian Amazon. We believe that working together with these communities in developing different skills for its people and creating new job opportunities, not only will help to reduce poverty but to reduce activities that are damaging the environment such as, logging or illegal/legal gold mining with strong contaminating chemicals. Protecting the Amazon should be a global commitment because of its incalculable biological and ecological value.


The first of a series of programs that we are working on is the English teaching program. We believe that English lessons will provide a valuable opportunity to help local people gain the skills they need to communicate with tourists and also help the younger generations to have better life opportunities.

In 2023 we started officially to offer English classes in one primary school in Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru.

One of our midterm goals for 2023/2024 is to learn from this experience and be able to offer English classes in more schools and other communities as well.


Our second midterm goal is to raise enough money to be able to buy solar panels for our 2 hectare land, which we have bought in 2022.  We want to use this space for volunteers and staff and make this place a 100% habitable space for Semillas Life. In creating a fully habitable place to live for our volunteers and staff, opportunities become more accessible in helping the children here in Puerto Inca to learn English, as there is no longer a need to rent out a space to live. We also want to use this land for environmental awareness workshops.

One of our long term goals is to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children by creating a safe environment for healthy physical, social, and emotional development. We want to encourage a passion and respect for the natural world to help transition eager young minds into caring, socially-conscious global citizens. Through a connection with nature, we can nurture a better understanding of the environment whilst improving their interpersonal skills with one another and other adults. Our explorer kids program (scouts) has the mission to encourage them a passion and respect for the natural world to help transition eager young minds into caring, socially-conscious global citizens.

Another long term goal is to create an infrastructure for tourism. We believe that developing tourism in the province of Puerto Inca can help create new job opportunities.This will boost the economic development of local communities.

One of our dreams is be able to build our own school and Institute where we can teach different courses such as: Tourism, English, German, French, Computers, Photography, Customer service, Tour Guide, Bartender,  Gastronomie, as a technical career, but also workshops for gaining confidence like Arts, Music and Sports. 

All these goals are little steps to achieve our long term goal. We want to give opportunities to the community to change and to care for their environment like having other ways to earn money instead of destroying the Amazon. This will not only make the community grow together and develop, but also protect the Rainforest.


Who we are

We are an NGO working for the economic and social development of different communities in the Peruvian Amazon. We focus on education, health, environment, ecotourism and cultural exchange. We believe that promoting the development and progress of these communities can help to stop or reduce the illegal activities as well as the contamination of the Amazon Rainforest.

Christian M. Navarro
CEO & Founder 

From Lima, Peru

After studying in the USA, he decided to give something back to a local community in his home country and therefore started Semillas Life in 2018 putting a lot of his energy to make it work. He is in charge of creating new projects, coordinating with Peruvian and international institutions, finding qualified volunteers, promoting Semillas Life, administrating donations, updating website and social media, etc.

He likes cooking, reading, writing, football, spending time with his family, enjoying nature and developing new ideas. He is also very interested in protecting the environment, politics and history.



Anne Pönisch: Deputy Manager at Semillas Life - Stellvertretender Manager im Semillas Life



Neyer Galindo

International Support

From around the world

Volunteers are the soul of our project. Each volunteer not only brings new ideas of teaching, renovating, promoting or supporting us, but also through the cultural exchange, they make the local community  more socially and culturally rich. Volunteers also benefit by obtaining an experience for life.Then, they take a piece of Puerto Inca and Semillas Life back in their hearts. The final idea is that volunteers spread the word around the world about the beauty of Puerto Inca.

Most of them are TEFL certificated.


From Berlin, Germany

She lives in Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru. She is in charge of the education project at Semillas Life.  She organizes regularly team meetings and gathers the different ideas from all the volunteers. She is also building up co-operations with different German organizations.

She likes doing Yoga, being in nature, learning about different cultures and studying Spanish. She loves spending time with her family.

Coordinator & Tour Guide

From Puerto Inca, Peru

He began as one of our students but because of his open personality  and his interest in our project, he started to support us by helping our volunteers being involved with the local community. He is now working with us as a tour guide.

He is in charge of organizing jungle trips and coordinating activities with local institutions.

He is in the process of learning English.

He likes to practice his English skills by chatting with international volunteers.

He also like video games and spend time with volunteers in the jungle.






Andres Santome

Representative In The USA

From Lima-Peru

He lives in West Hartford Connecticut, USA. He is in charge of representing Semillas Life in the United States of America. He is building up co-operations with different American organizations. He is also in charge of organizing fundraising activities to financially support Semillas Life.

He likes to play pool, reading, watching documentaries, spending time with his mother and son. He loves to take care of the environment.

He is also interested in politics and history.

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