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Book an adventure holiday


Firstly, you can book with us any of our tourist packages. By booking with us, you will help to create different job opportunities for local people and to solvent our organization as well.

We also organize different workshops.


with us



You could decide to stay a few weeks or months in Puerto Inca using your skills such as:


  • Teaching English

  • Teaching German

  • Supporting us with our kids explorer program (scouts).

  • Environment Education

  • Building & gardening

  • Permaculture

  • Business Management

  • Marketing & Publicity

  • Creative arts & Media

  • Biology research & more...

Biologist or biology student are needed


People with special knowledge in the field of Biology could help us by observing and documenting different species

We are also starting a reforesting program in damaged areas and will need volunteers to make this possible.

Promoting Semillas Life as a volunteer


Promoting Semillas Life by taking quality photos and videos, creating marketing strategies, publicity, writing content for our website, etc.


Volunteers can also help by

getting involved with the local community and support Indigenous people by creating different ways to sell their products such as, handcraft and cacao (Fair Trade). Or by training locals on how to make good chocolate!

Volunteers support to Semillas Life up to 15 hours a week.

Volunteers and local kids in the Peruvian Amazon - Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru
Volunteer participating in fundraising event for Semillas Life in Berlin, Germany



You can develop fundraising ideas for the project such as crowd funding or organizing an event.


For this just contact Anne via e-mail at:.

Local kids in Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru



You can also help us with donations. We need computers, video projectors, printers, tents, sleeping bags etc.

Local kids from indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon - Ashaninka ethnic group in Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru



And of course, you can tell all your friends around the world about Semillas Life and encourage them to support our organization.