How to help

There are a number of ways you can get involved.

Book an

adventure holiday

Firstly, you can book with us any of our tourist packages. By booking with us, you will help to create different job opportunities for local people and to solvent our organization as well.

We also organize different workshops such as:


-How to make your own artisanal chocolate from harvesting cacao plant until delicious praline treat.


-Collecting medicinal herbs and learning about their use.

-How to make traditional handcraft with indigenous people.

- Make your own cheese and yogurt by the artisanal way.

- Ayahuasca ceremonies with local shaman.

- Cooking traditional Amazonian dishes. Have you ever wrapped your meal  in a banana leaf?

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Volunteer with us

You could decide to stay a few weeks or months in Puerto Inca, using your skills to help us with teaching English to the local children and teenagers.

Volunteers are also needed for teaching German language to the Austro-German Community in Codo del Pozuzo-Puerto Inca.


Apart from teaching English or German, volunteers can also support us with our kids explorer program (scouts), by using your scouts skills or supervising our kids during our trips in the rainforest.


Volunteers are welcome to offer different workshops for kids such as “Upcycling art- getting awareness of plastic waste by collecting and reusing” or come with your own artistic, creative ideas for intercultural exchange.


Volunteers with gardening and building skills are always welcome.

We have some ideas to renovate our huts as well as we are always open to new ideas.


IMPORTANT INFO FOR VOLUNTEERS: Click on the following PDF. doc.



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Promoting Semillas Life as a Volunteer

Promoting Semillas Life by taking quality photos and videos, creating marketing strategies, publicity, writing content for our website, etc.


Volunteers can also help by

getting involved with the local community and support Indigenous people by creating different ways to sell their products such as, handcraft and cacao (Fair Trade). Or by training locals on how to make good chocolate!

Volunteers support to Semillas Life up to 15 hours per week.

In return we offer an amazing perspective into Amazonian living and its beautiful nature, including:


-A shared bedroom in our hut. We also provide a kitchen where volunteers can cook their own meals. Food can be cheap if volunteesr prepare it theirsel. Free fruits can be also found around the village.

-Certificate of participation.

-Free Spanish lessons.

-Share hot spot.

-Trips around the village to local cave and streams for swimming.

-Free Peruvian cooking lessons

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Biologist or Biology student are needed

The Sira Communal Reserve is home to at least 300 bird species, 124 mammals, 140 reptiles and 109 types of fish identified to date, although the real numbers are believed to be higher. People with special knowledge in the field of Biology could help us by observing and documenting different species in this rural area of biodiversity and anlysing the damage cost by illegal/legal logging and illegal gold mining. We can use this data to contact other organizations and to apply for specific funding for environmental programs.

We are also starting a reforest program in damaged areas and will need volunteers to make this possible.

People with skills in permaculture could share this with us and host workshops for the local farmers.

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You can develop fundraising ideas for the project such as crowd funding or organizing an event.


For this just contact Anne via e-mail.

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You can also help us with donations such as any amount of money or useful equipment. We need computers, video projectors, printers, tents, sleeping bags etc.

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Spread the word

And of course, you can tell all your friends around the world about Semillas Life and encourage them to support our organization.

Christian Mitchell Navarro Diaz

Project's Manager




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