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Book an adventure holiday

We offer many exciting packages

Book an adventure holiday


First, you can book with us any tourist package or workshop. By booking with us, you will help to create different job opportunities for local people as well as to financially solvent our NGO.








with us

You could decide to stay a few weeks or months in Puerto Inca using your skills such as:


  • Teaching English

  • Creative arts & Media

  • Teaching German

  • Permaculture

  • Conservation Reserve

  • Marketing & Publicity

  • Environmental Education

  • Building & gardening

  • Supporting us with our Kids Explorer program (scouts).

  • Business Management & more...


Medical Internship


Offer medical support and assistance to nurses and doctors at local health center.

Suitable for pre-meds, medical students, nursing students and professionals.













Experience the complexities and challenges of public health care in a developing country while improving your skills and abilities.

Live in a peaceful Amazonian village.


Conservation Intership


This Conservation Reserve  Program needs individuals with specific knowledge in the field of Biology who can help the organisation with scientific investigations.

Explore the Natural Reserves in the province of Puerto Inca. Home of 54 species of mammals, 203 species of birds, 105 species of reptiles and more.













Discover a passion for field work at one of the greatest areas of bird endemism of the planet. Meet the Pauxi unicornis koepckeae, Tangara phillipsi, Paethornis koepckeae, Sira curassow, etc.

Volunteers and local kids in the Peruvian Amazon - Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru
Volunteer participating in fundraising event for Semillas Life in Berlin, Germany



You can develop fundraising ideas for the project such as crowd funding or organizing an event.


For this just contact Anne via e-mail at:.

Local kids in Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru



You can also help us with donations. We need computers, video projectors, printers, tents, sleeping bags etc.

Local kids from indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon - Ashaninka ethnic group in Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru



And of course, you can tell all your friends around the world about Semillas Life and encourage them to support our organization.

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