Due to COVID-19 all our goals and activities for this year 2020 are on standby. One of them was to set different fundraising events in order to rent or build a permanent place for teaching different courses, as we are using a temporary classroom at the moment. Besides teaching English, the idea is to add courses as, Computers, Photography, Languages, etc.


Another goal for 2020 was to offer adventure holiday packages to tourists in the Amazonian province of Puerto Inca. The idea is to create different job opportunities by establishing ecotourism in this rural area. We believe that creating a sustainable ecotourism will help to the development and progress of these communities. We will start these tourist packages as soon as the lockdown is over and the pandemic is under control.


Apply and become an NGO is also on standby. It is very important for us being a registered NGO. Therefore, we will be able to make an agreement with the Peruvian Board of Education in order to provide certificates to our students who completed the requirements to pass a course. We believe this will offer local youths better prospects for their futures.

One or our mid-term goals is to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children by creating a safe environment for healthy physical, social, and emotional development. We want to encourage a passion and respect for the natural world to help transition eager young minds into caring, socially-conscious global citizens. Through a connection with nature, we can nurture a better understanding of the environment whilst improving their interpersonal skills with one another and other adults.


All these goals are little steps to achieve our long term goal. We want to give opportunities to the community to change and to care for their environment like having other ways to earn money instead of destroying the Amazon. This will not only make the community grow together and develop, but also protect the rainforest.


Protecting the Amazon should be a global commitment because of its incalculable biological and ecological value.

Christian Mitchell Navarro Diaz

Project's Manager

Email: semillaslife@gmail.com



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