Who we are

Semillas Life


We are an international team working for the economic development of the less privileged communities in the Peruvian Amazon. We focus on education, environment and sustainable ecotourism. We believe that promoting the development and progress of these communities can help reducing the destruction of the Amazon.

The first of a series of programes that we are working on is the English teaching program. We believe that English lessons will provide a valuable opportunity to help local people gain the skills they need to communicate with tourists and also help the younger generations to have better life opportunities.

Our explorer kids program (scouts) has the mission to encourage them a passion and respect for the natural world to help transition eager young minds into caring, socially-conscious global citizens.



International Support

From around the world


Volunteers are the soul of our project. Each volunteer not only brings new ideas of teaching, renovating, promoting or supporting us, but also through the cultural interchange, they make the local community socially and culturally richer as well as they do. Then, they take a piece of Puerto Inca and Semillas Life back in their hearts. The final idea is that volunteers spread the word around the world about the beauty of Puerto Inca.

Most of them are TEFL certificated.



Estrella Gonzales

Community Education Worker

From Pucallpa, Peru


He works as an English teacher in a high school in the province of Puerto Inca.

Eric Estrella helps the project organising educational programs with local schools.


He likes meeting people from different countries, practice his English with foreigners, share with others his knowledge and jungle experiences.


Christian Mitchell

Navarro Díaz

Founder and head  of  Semillas Life


From Lima, Peru


After studying in USA, he decided to give something back to a local community in his home country and therefore started this project. He is in charge of finding qualified volunteers, promoting the project, administrating donations and organizing jungle trips, developing website, etc.


He likes cooking, reading, writing, football, enjoying nature and developing new ideas. He also is interested in politics and history.




Deputy Manager

From Berlin, Germany


She works as a kindergarten teacher in Berlin.

She supports the project by developing new ideas,  designing the webpage and organizing fund raising. She also is working on building relationships with different German-Peruvian Organizations.

She likes reading, traveling, cooking, Yoga, spend time with her baby daughter, practicing her Spanish with her latino friends and to learn more about different cultures.


Drucila Paredes Sandoval


From Puerto Inca, Peru


She started as one of our students but because of her open personality  and her interest in our project, she started to support us by helping our volunteers being involved with the local community. She also organises local trips for volunteers.


She likes to practice her English skills by chatting with international volunteers and share stories with her friends through social media.

Christian Mitchell Navarro Diaz

Project's Manager

Email: semillaslife@gmail.com



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